20. November 2020

Fusion for Bringing Turnkey Warehouse Automation

The Invar Group, based in the UK, with offices in the United States and the Netherlands and with more than 65 employees, unites three specialized organizations in the field of warehouse software, automation and management.
Well-known automated warehouse systems integrator, Greenstone Systems will become Invar Integration and will work smoothly and continuously to provide high-level intralogistics problem-solving.
Invar and Greenstone have operated in a strong resemblance and connection in recent years on many important projects for worldwide companies.
The creation of the Invar Group of companies builds a ‘union of technological excellence’ concentrated on achieving flawless and ready to use warehouse automation solutions through merging progressive technologies.
The Invar Group of companies unites a crew of people with an extensive background in featuring new methods; advanced and original in the supply chain to global leaders in eCommerce, intralogistics, and warehousing and distribution. As a top-ranking provider of warehouse management software will Invar Systems remain to improve and support that.
Invar Integration will be liable for solution design, hardware integration, implementation and project management along with ongoing maintenance and customer support. Invar Controls will create, realize and support the Group’s PLC software, hardware and electrical installations.

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Photo: pexels.com