21. January 2021


We would like to proudly inform you about the Support Program from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey for WOF EXPO 2021. This innovative B2B event in the logistics and the entire supply chain is now in the list of “Individual Participation Supported Fairs” under the “Support Program for Promotion of Trade and Services in Foreign Currency Earning” arrangement of the Ministry of Trade, numbered 2015/8, issued by Turkey. 
That is excellent news for our participants from Turkey! It means half of the eligible Turkish participants’ expenses, will be contributed by the Government of Turkey.
Let’s throw one’s weight behind you can’t miss this unique opportunity! WOF EXPO offers a range of fantastic tools and features for facilitating networking, the cornerstone of the industry. 
WOF EXPO September 8 – 10, 2021, Incheba Expo Bratislava, Slovakia, covers all modes of transport and technology under one roof and demonstrates the importance of supply chain solutions, efficiency and cost-savings.
Let us talk finer details. The companies which will attend the WOF Expo 2021 with the stand and 
  ● are located in Turkey performing in the international freight/cargo service and
  ● are engaged in the international logistics management, and transport operations
shall benefit from the supports specified within the scope of this regulation.
According to the arrangement made, participation expenses of the beneficiary and cooperation organizations for individual participation (floor rent, stand, decoration, insurance, registration, transportation, internet, electricity, cleaning expenses) and travel costs for a round-trip in economy class up to two representatives, will be supported by 50%, up to $ 15,000.
This astonishing reinforcement and inclusion in the 2021 Supported Individual Organizations List (2021 Yılı Desteklenen Bireysel Organizasyonlar Listesi) is the result of many efforts and cooperation with several prominent personalities within the framework of Turkey and with the exceptional support of the Turkish Ministry of Trade as well as The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Our effort is to bring as many partners from abroad as possible to maximize networking opportunities. We believe that WOF EXPO 2021 will be a driving force to kick new business opportunities after a difficult economic period caused by COVID-19. 
During the event, entrepreneurs will present their services to companies not only from Slovakia and Central and Eastern Europe but from all over the world. And Turkey, a European, Asian, Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Caucasian country, neighbour to Africa, the Black and Caspian Sea, with such incredible support from the Turkey Ministry of Trade.
We are looking forward to welcoming many participants from the Republic of Turkey, a significant strategic country!
Build connections. Do business. Make friends.

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