15. February 2021

Smart Logistics – the right solution for every step

Join us for the dynamic panel discussion on supply chain planning digitization in a post-COVID world. We’ll share:
●    Important elements of the so-called new logistics paradigm – Logisti cs 4.0
●    What strategies are required to achieve self-monitoring and self-ada ptive logistics
●    What challenges are top-of-mind for supply chain leaders
●    What technologies they’re looking at to meet organizational goals and what’s hampering        their efforts

Our expert panel will not only cover how will the ways of working and managing transform in line with Industry 4.0 deployments, but also the essential ingredients such as “intelligent” pallets and containers, digital factory solutions, driverless transport systems, software automation and robotisation, and many more.

B2B event not to be missed! Plan to arrive early, enjoy the exhibition to its fullest, and join us for the conference program – LIMITED SEATS ONLY! Book your seat NOW or make your life easier and get *VIP pass with guaranteed seats and full access to WOF Expo 2021.

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