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15. March 2021

INTERVIEW WITH Christian Prangl

Mr. Christian Prangl is the CEO of Prangl company, a company with an international presence. Mr. Prangl has over 20 years of experience in the transport, lifting, and logistics industry. He also holds a master’s degree in Transport and Logistics Management from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Throughout his career him and his company has acquired a lot of awards such as “Entrepreneur of the Year”, Golden Export Prize, Austria’s Sustainable Companies quality seal and many others.

1. Prangl has been recently awarded Austria’s Export Price 2020. Could you please let our readers know, what export steps did you take at Prangl in order to receive this award?
We have not targeted our activities towards obtaining such an award. Nevertheless, it is nice to experience such appreciation. In the last few years, our fleet has become larger and larger – both in terms of the number of machines and their dimensions. Since Austria is a too small market for such large number of these machines, we had to look for other sales markets. Due to our many years of experience and good reputation, we have been able to “travel” with our existing customers to other countries. This is very exciting for us because we have to start from scratch in every new country. We have to study the local conditions each time and adapt. Our experienced and above all, flexible team has been very successful at this.

2. Prangl has been recently shortlisted amongst 159 Award Winning Sustainable Companies of Austria. Could you please let our readers know, what steps did you take at Prangl in order to improve your sustainability performance?
This is also an award that we were not expecting. We work on the basis of a clearly structured management system. We are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and SSCP. These certificates already testify to our sustainable company orientation. However, we are also increasingly moving into the area of sustainability in our operational business. One of our main areas of operation is wind energy, where we not only provide comprehensive expertise and services, but are also work with renowned machine manufacturers to develop vehicles that enable (high) alpine wind farms to be operated in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.
3. The current pandemic situation has been challenging for all the industries. Did you have to deal with any challenges in the heavy transport industry and what future strategies are you planning to implement? 
Of course, we have also felt the negative effects of Covid-19. Project postponements and cancellations were as much the order of the day as the lack of clarity about the necessary security measures. We reacted very quickly and divided all our offices into two groups, with each group alternating between one week of home office and one week of being in the office. The further course of the pandemic will probably also show which future strategy we will be facing. One thing is clear, however: Home office will continue to play a role for us in the future. And of course we will be pushing the subject of digitalization very strongly.
4. What heavy-duty services do you offer at Prangl? 
Our mission is “We move your world!” – both literally and figuratively. Whatever is heavy, large, wide, high, oversized, long, bulky, etc., we lift, transport and bring it in. Our range of services includes the rental of mobile cranes and aerial work platforms, the execution of heavy duty transportation as well as heavy lifting & moving. We offer these services as a one-stop shop, saving our customers the hassle (and this is often cost-intensive) of interfaces.
5. What is your opinion about positioning WOF EXPO in Central and Eastern Europe region?
Yes, I think a logistics trade fair in Central and Eastern Europe is a good idea. The CEE region has great logistics potential. Bringing opinions and partners together is always a good idea and should certainly do good for the logistics market in this region of Europe.

Prangl company was established in 1965, from small beginnings with crane rental and heavy-duty transportation to a modern-day, highly specialized company in the transport, lifting, and logistics industry with a European presence – with 16 locations in six countries and a total of nearly 700 employees. Within years Prangl has developed into a European player. Being a top specialist when it comes to large construction sites, Prangl´s experienced engineering team will provide the taylor-made solution for every project, from planning and road surveys to the complete concept. As a family business with an international presence, the company´s focus is on safety, reliability, a collaborative approach, and sustainability. Prangl´s mission is: “We move your world!” Moving people and loads is what they do every day and what they are undoubtedly best at.