Shipping lines
6. April 2021

MSC to keep avoiding arctic cargo routes

MCS Mediterranean Shipping Company is helping to limit black carbon and other environmental impacts, and so has doubled down on its position to avoid considering the Northern Sea Route, including the Northeast and Northwest Passages on environmental grounds.

The Arctic shipping could increase the emissions of black carbon and so to compromise air quality and increase the shrinkage of Arctic sea ice. Environmental risks connected to such causes do outweigh any commercial opportunities to make a shortcut between North America or Europe and eastern Russia or Asia.

Those risks include navigation incidents, fuel spills, air quality, and altering the ecological balance biodiversity of the marine habitat beneath the surface of the sea. MSC commits not to endanger the environment by seeking to cut through the melting ice of the artic just to find a new route for commercial shipping. The good thing is, there are other companies who made the same commitment and agreed that the northern sea rouse is not a viable long-term strategy and decided to put the Arctic environment ahead of profits.

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