7. April 2021

The impact of the Suez Canal blockage on European ports

Although the Suez Canal being back in business, the blockage exposed a larger crisis in the shipping industry. And in Sweden, they have a perfect term for what is happening in European ports at the moment. The literate avalanche of containers set to flood European ports in the coming weeks is described also as Ketchupeffekt, and it could not be more precise.

Ketchup effect – describes a situation or event where not much happens for a long time, and then a lot happens at once. The significance of ketchup will be clear to anyone who has ever tried to pour the sauce from a glass bottle — usually, it takes several seconds before any comes out, and then you get a huge amount.

The port of Gothenburg in Sweden used this term in warning of inevitable congestion at Europe’s gateway ports after the Ever Given was freed. Many major European ports are already under severe duress.

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Photo: Pixabay.com