9. April 2021

Israel’s Eilat as an Alternative to Suez Canal?

Ever Given containership stuck in the Suez Canal disrupted the global supply chain largely. A long-discussed Red Sea-Mediterranean rail link comes to the picture once again, however, neither the economics nor the politics look promising.

Israel has long regarded Eilat as one of the major centers for global cargo traffic. Back in 2012, the cabinet voted to construct a railway line to Eilat to provide passenger and freight service, however, studies showed that the project isn’t economically feasible and it seems that it’s been shelved.

The idea was that cargo arriving in Eilat would be transloaded onto trains and then sent on to other ports. This would allow cargo shippers to save on entrance fees to the Suez Canal, and Israel to earn money on the movement of goods between ports, a win-win situation. But experts have their own say about whether Eilat could become an alternative to the Suez Canal.

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Photo: Pixabay.com