16. April 2021

Interview with Juraj Králl

Mr. Juraj Králl is the co-founder and the CEO of Forbes Ideal Place & Growision. For more than 10 years, he has been looking for and creating the most effective tools for growth and long-term sustainable development of small and medium-sized companies to create the Ideal Business = Ideal Place for owners and its employees such as Forbes GrowClub for business connections, Ideal Place Pulse-checks – online platform, Ideal Place Mentors and others. His specialties are connecting TOP entrepreneurs in the regions, facilitating / moderating group discussions, creating self-management teams, Leadership and Sales strategic development.

1. One of the products you have successfully implemented in multiple companies is a software ideal place pulse checks, which monitors the use of energy and corporate resources to fulfill the vision and goals of the company. How does it contribute to the overall functioning of the system in the company?
Behind all these features is a project called the Ideal Place, also knows as the Forbes Ideal Place. Ideal Pulse Checks is a personalized online feature that engages the employees to tell from their point of view how much of the company’s energy and resources they use to grow, focusing on achieving current business priorities.
It’s about the people who work in the company who know best what works and what doesn’t. And this online feature reveals what operates very well and recognizes and identifies the most significant weaknesses with the highest growth potential. And therefore, the employees working in the teams can focus precisely on improving don’t working areas. That is the point. The whole company pulls for one rope, and together they build the company to be a better place for them in gradual steps.
It is not only about the employees but also about the alignment of the owners and the management. It is a very flexible online feature, compatible with various other surveys that companies use. Also significant is always presented support from an Ideal Place Mentor. A specialist in building and growing ideal companies who accompany people to help look for the solutions and know-how to implement as effectively as possible.
Thanks to Ideal Place Pulse Checks, many companies have streamlined processes, communication and cooperation between teams, reduced turnover and the transfer of information needed for daily work. Besides, it draws people into business thinking to improve products and services. And it reveals whether they believe in the culture, values, vision and mission of the company. It is a goal to create stable foundations for the function company to be a long-term one. And ideally for the employee to look forward to work on Monday morning.
2. The Networking along with the know-how sharing is definitely the corner-stone of business. Can you tell us a little more about the Growclub?
The mission of the Growclub is to build a better Slovakia together by constantly developing our companies and employees. Its goal is to create better businesses and a better place – an ideal place ready to grow and overcome any challenges. We believe that healthy and attractive companies can bring benefits. The Growclub is intended mainly for small and medium-sized companies. Membership aims to inspire and encourage each other. The Growclub connects people in a safe environment to exchange know-how and practical experience to implement ideal companies. The goal is to put very successful entrepreneurs together to motivate one another.
It is not entirely for everyone – only selected companies and members. And they must have similar values such as respect, partnership, efficiency, development thinking and the fact they understand personalities in their company is the absolute key. When the potential of people is used to the maximum, the company grows. We address the topics such as company management, corporate culture, business development, and overall company development.
We achieve this by meeting in a small group of up to 16 people. And in a half-day workshop led by experienced facilitators who create a trustworthy environment, address topics you don’t usually discuss. They inspire each other. It has been working for several years. However, I must admit it is not for everyone, but for those owners and managers who want to grow and are willing to share.
3. It is unquestionably crucial to share the know-how to make the company better. And during these times, many companies had to ask their employees to work from home for a certain period. Do you have any suggestions to maintain the effectiveness of employees whilst working from “home-office”?
Yes, we do. Since we have many clients that had to start working from home, this topic is on the table every day. And the discussion on how to work more effectively. Of course, it depends on the business nature because manufacturing companies or warehouses need their employees to be present at work. But the companies’ management, administration or companies that provide services can work from home. The cornerstone of effectiveness is our Ideal Place Pulse-checks which enables companies to monitor what actually works and does not work. So they can respond quickly, and people can keep working effectively. Therefore, communication with employees is necessary to continue processes that are working well and to be able to manage organizational changes such as shifting towards home working. However, cooperation within teams is a common issue of companies nowadays. As the teams are apart, it is necessary to meet, whether it is online or personally, and discuss how to make the work easier and increase effectiveness. It will save a lot of energy, resources, and time and it will improve process efficiency. We also do recommend the harmonization of the company management. They should agree on the following business intentions during these uncertain times. When the authority clearly defines where the company is headed, it is good to adapt with all the employees. So they understand the priority and pull the rope together. It is also crucial to develop great employee motivation. That would have the effect of increasing the probability of success.
4. What is your opinion about positioning WOF EXPO in Central and Eastern Europe region?
I am absolutely thrilled about it, and I am a big fan. You have decided to do the expo in Slovakia. It is a fabulous thing because you are also promoting our country abroad. I think that Slovakia is powerful in logistics and has a lot to be proud of.  Also, it is great to be inspired by foreign companies and people who have good ideas that streamline the shift in the entire supply chain. So people in our country would also prefer to work in logistic companies. And I especially support you at this time, that you have decided on such a big project. I believe that it will work out nicely and that we will all meet there.

If you want to know more about the topic: Human resources as the principal pillar of a successful company and more about the project FORBES IDEAL PLACE, come and join us at the WOF expo in October. We are looking forward to meeting you there.

IDEAL PLACE has a clear mission to build a better country thanks to the constant development of Slovak companies and employees and so to create a place together = Ideal Place, which is ready to overcome the challenges and can grow. IDEAL PLACE covers several support tools that facilitate the transformation of the company. IDEAL PLACE is agile, easy to maneuver and responds quickly and efficiently to changing external conditions. Thanks to this, a company can achieve long-term sustainable development of the company and the business growth.
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