Freight forwarding
27. April 2021

Interview with Jürgen Weyhausen

Mr. Jürgen Weyhausen has 20 years of experience in shipping gained while working in shipping companies like Harrison-Line Liverpool, Navale et Commercial Havraise Peninsulaire, or Merzario-Line. During those 20 years, he spent 6 years abroad in countries like England, India, UAE, the Caribbean, and even Central America. Mr. Weyhausen worked in various managing and sales positions from 1993-2021. He has been an initiator and consultant for Project Logistics Alliance – Project freight forwarder network since 2011.
As of April 2021, Mr. Weyhausen is the CEO & Partner 7 Worldwide Logistics + CEO & Partner Global Industrial Relocation Network + CEO & Partner Exclusive Project Network.

1. What are the main disrupters for Heavy Lift Freight Forwarding development?
The main disrupter currently is the low price for oil & gas, which has led to the postponement/cancellation of many investments in that field. Furthermore, reluctant political decisions for investing much more in renewable energies are keeping this segment lower than it should be. And in general, of course, the COVID-pandemic is leading many companies to hold back investment plans, and also the consumer markets are down, so there are fewer cars, textiles, furniture, etc. being bought, thus leading to fewer investments of these manufacturers.
2. Tell us about the key areas in the Heavy Lift chain where Freight Forwarding can improve the most and why?
Certainly, the knowledge and education of the people involved, especially in third-world countries, but also in Europe and North America. We regularly see players involved in the game that simply have a huge lack of knowledge in the field and often simply do not know what they are doing.
Digitalization for projects should be improved too, however, in projects, this cannot be done to the same large extend like, for example, for containers since every project is so different and there are much fewer standardized processes.
3. What is your opinion about positioning WOF EXPO in the Central and Eastern Europe region?
The markets of Central and Eastern European regions have not been as much on the agenda as this should have been the case. I am convinced, these markets will grow further, and therefore I very much welcome the idea of having a special exhibition/conference/forum for these countries and not just as a part of Logistics Munich or TransRussia or so.

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