9. February 2021

First 350km/h high-speed freight train goes into service in China

The future of transport is green and electric, with the significant improvement in China’s innovation ability in rail transport equipment.
The world’s first high-speed freight train with a speed of 350 km/h, independently developed by China, can meet the demands for 600 to 1,500 km medium- and long-distance fast freight services. The wagon´s useful load scape is 85%, and each can carry at least 110 tons (over 800 cubic meters) of cargo. That can push towards the modal shift and reduce the carbon footprint significantly. The train is also equipped with a smart communications systems, and uses China’s BeiDou navigation satellite system to accurately load and unload cargo.
The development of the train was led by CRRC Tangshan Company and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology’s key project “Advanced Rail Transport.” Moreover, the shape of the train resembles a Chinese sturgeon, a design that has greatly reduced running resistance.

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