WOF Connect & Awards

VENUE                                  PVA EXPO PRAGUE

DATE                                      Wednesday 12th October

TIME                                       19:00-23:00

Let's help together

The day full of the program and news from the logistics during the expo will end with the WOF Connect & Awards festive evening. The importance and uniqueness of this evening stem not only from the high focus on  networking , WOF Connect & Awards is also about giving.

A large number of charitable events did not take place in 2021 due to the pandemic situation. Hence, WOF joined forces with the League Against Cancer   which has been helping cancer patients and their families to bear the burden of this disease for more than 29 years. WOF and the League made an important gesture for cancer patients on the 6th of October 2021 – an  auction of diamond brooch   took place. 

But WOF was not the only one willing to make a difference.  GLS Slovakia  donated  € 12,000 to support League against cancer  projects. With the funds raised, the League can now do things that help cancer patients and their families.

WOF Expo 2022 will not be any different. WOF Connect & Awards will allow you to recharge your batteries after the first long day, make new business contacts, and strengthen the existing ones in a pleasant atmosphere. But most importantly, there will be fundraising  held to help those who need it the most. Do not miss the WOF Connect & Awards program and be part of a great cause with WOF.

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