25. October 2020

Interview with DAVID PRIESTMAN

Mr. David Priestman runs an SME B2B publisher, specializing in the logistics & supply chain arena. They launched in 1997 and have grown steadily to become a major player in the field. They publish Logistics Business magazine a quarterly print journal + website, and weekly eNewsletters.

1. What are the main disrupters for Print Media development?
Print media, including B2B titles like ourselves, have been under pressure for over a decade from digital media & advertising. This is especially challenging for paid subscription newspapers & magazines, less so for free controlled publications like Logistics Business. Print circulation has fallen but has been more than replaced by digital readerships – web visitors, eNewsletter subscribers & readers of the digital editions. In future trade, media will offer a mixed readership and more lead generation options to advertisers. Staying close to the customer is key.

2. Tell us about key areas in Logistics/Supply chain where Digital Media can improve the most and why?
The logistics industry is a worldwide sector and logisticians need to be informed of best practices and solutions. Time pressures mean decision-makers increasingly ‘read-up’ on industry news & views online/mobile. They need reliable sources and thought-provoking content, as well as hints from potential suppliers. Our industry needs more digital networking and educational support, and we at Logistics Business will be providing that.

3. What is your opinion about positioning WOF EXPO in the Central and Eastern Europe region?
CEE is a key region for European supply chain management, especially for warehousing & distribution. While there are many good conferences in CEE, there isn’t a strong exhibition. The logistics sector in CEE is now mature enough to sustain its annual trade show, and we hope the WoF Expo will succeed.

4. What will be the impact of COVID-19 for further business development in your core business?
COVID-19 has meant we can’t visit logistics sites to report and no press trips are occurring. So we’ve had to do more online interviews, Q&As, etc. to keep our original content strong. Advertising fell in Q2 but is now recovering as the logistics sector will prosper from the switch from retail to e-commerce. We have had to find other ways of gaining new readers and contacts.

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