4. July 2023

M BOX efficiently connects Serbia and Western Europe

We are soon expecting the launch of a new railway service by M Box Terminals, a member of Milšped Group, which will provide all clients with fast, efficient, and sustainable transportation of goods to the Western European market. This innovative service connects the city of Niš with Ljubljana and offers additional transportation options through two robust railway lines extending to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Austria.

With over 30 years of history and over 3,500 employees, this Belgrade-based company connects all corners of the world. When ist MBOX terminal was put into operation last year, Milšped was guided by the idea that this part of Serbia needed a logistics center like this that would bring new logistics solutions, reduce transport costs, and influence the positive development of the entire region and bring new investments to southern and central Serbia.

Thanks to its ideal location along the corridor 10, a major logistics junction between the east and the west, the MBOX terminal has an excellent macro location. It is also in close proximity to significant ports throughout the surrounding area, allowing all MBOX Terminal clients to conduct business via Greek, Turkish, Slovenian, and Croatian ports and terminals. With a storage capacity of more than 2,700 containers and a dedicated parking lot for trucks and cars, the official customs terminal has modern access control systems, a large number of surveillance cameras with the additional presence of physical technical security 24/7.

One of the lines connects Ljubljana with Munich, opening doors to intermodal connections to cities such as Wales, Leipzig, Hanover, Hamburg, Kiel, Cologne, Neuss, Duisburg, Verona, Milan, and Rotterdam. These connections enable our clients to easily and safely transport their goods to desired markets in European Union countries.

The second line provides railway connections to Duisburg, Antwerp, Bremerhaven, Bludenz, Ens, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, and Vienna. This route opens up new possibilities for transporting cargo to and from Western Europe, supporting trade routes between the Western Balkans and Central and Southeastern Europe.

Additionally, the MBOX intermodal terminal offers numerous benefits to clients, including route optimization, reduced road congestion, and decreased CO2 emissions. As a socially responsible company, Milšped adheres to the principles of ESG strategy and strives to enhance sustainability in all aspects of its business.

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