Conference agenda

"Intelligent Automation in Logistics for Greater Sustainability and Efficiency"



Stefano de Rubertis

Manager Italy

Jarosław Sobczyk

Logistics Director Hungary

Gábor Kovács

Managing Director Hungary & CEE

Zsolt István

Head of Innovation Management

Tamás Boday

Director of Integrated Solutions

Attila Kiss

Scientific Advisor

Panel Introduction

In this session, we will explore how intelligent automation is revolutionizing the logistics industry, enabling enhanced sustainability and operational efficiency. Complexity in the supply chain has increased exponentially over the last decade, and decision-making and data are moving faster than ever. AI technology is transforming the supply chain industry by improving the efficiency of operations, reducing costs, and increasing customer satisfaction. The goal now for manufacturers is to find a way to automate the 60% to 70% of work that is predictive and prescriptive, by relying on advanced analytics, machine learning, and purpose-built workflows. Supply chain leaders who embrace these technologies can gain a competitive advantage, and position themselves for success in the rapidly evolving supply chain industry. Join us as we delve into the transformative power of automation and its impact on the logistics ecosystem.


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