Conference agenda

"Infrastructure development, Capacity Upgrades, Cross-border Collaboration and Other Intermodality Challenges "



György Firbás
Pannonia Institute

Ádám Tálosi

Member of the Board

Christoph Grasl

Member of the Board

Martin Polakovič

Head of Global Logistics Procurement

Adéla Kurečková

Business Development Manager CZ&SK

Zoltán Fábián

Managing Director

Panel Introduction

The CEE region holds immense potential as a crucial hub for international trade and transportation. The need for modernizing and expanding transportation networks in the region is unquestionable. This may involve upgrading existing and building new connections to accommodate larger volumes of goods and ensure efficient movement across borders. What are the seamless transfer mechanisms that minimize delays and ensure smooth operations? Container Compatibility, Infrastructure Misalignment, Administrative and Regulatory Barriers, and other challenges should be identified and discussed in order to find practical solutions. Problem-solving requires collaboration among stakeholders, including transport operators, infrastructure providers, policymakers, and industry associations. By developing integrated transport networks, harmonizing standards and regulations, and leveraging technology for enhanced information sharing and coordination, it becomes possible to overcome these challenges and achieve a more efficient and effective intermodal transportation system. Through real-world examples and practical discussions, we aim to inspire the audience with innovative solutions and collaborative approaches that promote intermodal logistics in the CEE region.


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