Conference agenda

“Road Transports and Intermodality in CEE”



Lajkó Ferenc

Industrial expert , Founder

Boris Vavra

Director Sales

Michal Šilháček

Category Manager Land Transportation

Balazs Horvath

District Sales Manager, Austria & Slovakia

Berhard Schmaldienst

Director Operations - Freight Procurement & Audit

Panel Introduction

By incorporating intermodal strategies into their operations, trucking companies can benefit from cost savings, increased capacity, improved service reliability, and reduced environmental impact. It allows them to optimize their resources, offers comprehensive logistics solutions, and meet the evolving needs of customers who seek more efficient and sustainable transportation options. What are the setbacks in the collaborations with other transportation providers? Which role does technology play in the optimization process? How to sustain the business by incorporating other modes of transportation? These and other crucial questions will be broken down in the debate.


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