21. December 2020

Interview with DRAGANA LIPOVAC

Mrs. Dragana Lipovac is CEO and Founder at HUBBIG. She is an experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry. Skilled in Marketing Management, Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, and Analytical Skills. Strong sales professional with a Bacc. Oec. focused on Economics.

1. What are the main disrupters for Digital Freight Forwarding development?
Pain points
Execution of logistics most often performed by third-party logistics providers that are not equipped nor capable of real-time disclosure of their selection of logistics providers.
Their workflow results in clients waiting on an offer, while the entire process is plagued with inefficiencies, low data consolidation and lack of transparency, leading to:
Hidden costs
Human errors
Sub-optimal selection
Shippers are given minimal opportunity to gather logistics analytics in real-time, act upon them, or to interact with their logistics providers. Many only identify the actual logistics provider indirectly – from the documentation accompanying the shipment (e.g. CMR).
The increasing globalization or internationalization of supply chains and globalization adds a level of complexity to logistics processes, while most of these are still notoriously outdated and offer a low degree of convenience.
2. Tell us about a key area of improvement in the Logistics/Supply chain for Hubbig.
Highly anticipated and the newest addition to the platform launched earlier this year, which brings ample differentiation potential for the future.
The marketplace is ideal for situations where the predefined routes do not cover the needs of the shipper, but most importantly, the marketplace also grants the user an unprecedented level of control and proactivity.
Users obtain quotes from multiple logistics providers and can then compare and contrast as well as negotiate between the quotes received. The process empowers the user to maintain in charge of the final selection of their provider of choice and represents a notable step into pricing transparency. The marketplace remains a development priority for the foreseeable future, and all new users are encouraged to register. Its successful adoption will unlock additional monetization options, described later in the deck.
3. And what do you think of the continuing dominance of e-commerce?
E-commerce plays a very crucial role in offering freight customers new options to support their economic growth. Indeed, online shopping is anticipated to persist as a major driver of growth in the transportation industry.
Consequently, global shipments and sales are on a course of immense growth – in 2018 alone, the activity of shipping giant FedEx has more than doubled, according to CEO Henry Maier.
4. What is your opinion about the impact of Covid-19 for further business development?
Intertwined with the onset of the global health pandemic and mobility restrictions employed throughout the world, e-commerce growth will continue providing significant upside for all freight and retail companies.
The growing demand for integrated services bundled together with the sprawling e-commerce highlights the importance of novel solutions, including last-mile deliveries and marketplaces enabling rapid response times for its users.
5. And what about freight forwarding?
In the 2020 – 2026 period, the freight forwarding industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.8%, reaching €174bn by 2026, up from the current approximation of €142 bn.2
By and large, the freight forwarding market size is being driven by the increasing demand for low-cost shipping and the ability to recognize consumer needs.
Target market potential
Areas in central and eastern Europe (CEE), southeastern Europe (SEE), and the most dominant force unsurprisingly represented by Italy. The market potential is estimated at:
•       91m euros by considering the core markets spanning the CEE to S EE crescent (without Italy)
•       195m euros with the inclusion of Italy
Most of the target geographies have little or no competition and allow for maximized business generation and marketing efforts.

Hubbig is an innovative solution in online freight forwarding with its winning mentality and execution capabilities, recognized on a multinational scale. Through its logistics platform, Hubbig creates a direct connection between shippers and logistics providers, achieving a smarter, more transparent and cost-effective movement of goods. It enables users to enter into a new era of logistics, characterized by split-second execution at the touch of a button.
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