4. February 2021

GLS – Ecommerce Topic Partner at the WOF Expo 2021

Meet GLS, Ecommerce Topic Partner at the WOF Expo 2021 and one of the industry leaders.
GLS Slovakia offers parcel and express services in Slovakia, where high quality is the focus. Modern IT solutions make a cooperation with GLS easier, secure and convenient.

Get to know more from GLS Management about their strategy and their views on being part of WOF Expo 2021.

How would you define the strategy of GLS Slovakia?
Five core values + one goal = high quality and customer satisfaction!
1. Reliability – Your parcel will arrive on time.
2. Security – Your parcel will arrive safely.
3. Transparency – Your parcel can always be tracked.
4. Flexibility – We will find the right solutions for you.
5. Sustainability – We act responsibly.

What is your opinion on GLS being one of the exhibitors at WOF EXPO 2021?  
∙ Strengthen the brand visibility and its market position
∙ Opportunity to meet and get in touch with the key people from various Slovak regions or from   abroad
∙ Gain new contacts and create new business opportunities while strengthening already   existing business and personal connections
∙ Introduce GLS as a leader in our industry segment

What are your most requested services that increase the credit of e-shops?  
The most requested services from our portfolio certainly include the notifications feature. Our company covers this service with the smart function – FlexDeliveryService.
This service will notify the recipient of the upcoming delivery via SMS, e-mail, or phone.
It also allows recipients to enter the delivery process even before the first delivery attempt is made.
They can decide what will happen next: whether to have the package delivered to the original address or to a new address; delivery at another date or decide for personal collection at GLS regional hubs (ParcelShops or Pick-up Points). That gives the e-shop operators the confidence to leave the entire delivery process on us and the flexibility of an individual recipient.
GLS General Logistics System Slovakia, s.r.o. is a subsidiary of General Logistics Systems BV (based in Amsterdam). GLS performs reliable and high-quality courier services and logistics-related value-added products to customers throughout Europe. The goal of GLS is to be a constant “European Leader in Quality.” In this context, great emphasis on quality sustainability through the pan-European network of GLS subsidiaries under the Think Green – Environmental Protection program is placed. The company provides its services through its own as well as partner companies in 36 European countries. Thanks to its network, GLS ranks among the leading providers of parcel services in Europe.