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1. December 2022

Gebrüder Weiss aims to be carbon neutral by 2030

Logistics company sets challenging goals. Ten million euros will be invested in alternative drives, and a sustainability report will be released.
With its GWcares sustainability strategy, Gebrüder Weiss, a modern logistics service provider, has set the target of gradually lowering the company’s carbon footprint to zero and working toward making its logistics facilities climate-neutral by 2030. This is one of the ways the business is accepting its accountability and helping to achieve global climate goals. Gebrüder Weiss will carefully examine CO2 emissions at each of the 180 locations. In its most recent Sustainability Report, the corporation quantified the current CO2 emissions and energy usage of its facilities. These emissions are to be steadily decreased by 10% per year.

The sustainability report also details critical steps to be done in the race to achieve climate neutrality and methods in which our cutting-edge logistics facilities can take full advantage of every opportunity to save energy and decrease reliance on exhaustible resources. The installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems on the roofs of logistics terminals has a significant role to play; Gebrüder Weiss has 18 such installations. More than 4,600 megawatt hours of power are produced annually by these installations, which now supply 18% of the group’s electrical requirements. By expanding the number of PV installations, it is intended to raise this proportion by 15% yearly.
In order to evaluate the success of these initiatives, Gebrüder Weiss has also implemented an energy monitoring system at its facilities in Europe. In the upcoming years, the company intends to roll it out globally.
Investments in alternative drives

Gebrüder Weiss is also developing low-emission last-mile solutions and increasing the use of alternative drives in heavy-duty transportation. In the Greater Vienna metropolitan area, a short-distance electric truck is used, and electric vans are used to deliver items to ultimate customers in Austria. Five further H2 trucks are anticipated to be deployed in Germany in 2023, while one of the first hydrogen (H2) trucks in the world have been in continuous service in Switzerland since January 2021. Gebrüder Weiss is also working with competitors and partners in Austria to introduce fuel cell trucks. The Company anticipates investing about ten million euros in alternative driving technologies by 2025.

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