10. May 2023

Nexxiot Introduces Scope AI for Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Zurich (Switzerland), May 9, 2023 – Digital supply chain innovator Nexxiot has released a new AI-enabled product to facilitate contextualized decision-making. Scope AI provides a conversational interface into Nexxiot’s unique data on locations, status, conditions of cargo, and supply chain events like delays. 

How Scope AI Works

Scope AI extracts and presents key insights from the billions of data points generated every month by Nexxiot’s Edge and Globehopper devices traveling on all major trade lanes between Europe, North America, and Asia. Nexxiot’s commitment to creating an open ecosystem means Scope AI also works with data derived from any third-party gateway, sensor, or API.
An example of the Scope AI query process could be:
‘Show me all the containers containing electronics that are exposed to high levels of security risk right now.’
‘From these assets listed, which had their doors opened in Antwerp overnight?’
‘Highlight the assets for which we could have avoided demurrage costs in the last ten days?’

“Nexxiot is always focused on delivering more value to our clients,”
said Ákos Maróy, Nexxiot’s Chief Data Officer. “Scope AI makes it possible for clients to gain immediate insights into the status of their transport assets based on real-time data from the fleet. We are determined to make our clients’ lives easier by adding a simple, intuitive verbal interface to display the data generated by our sensors and gateways. We did this to offer asset intelligence and combine it with shipment intelligence in a way that’s never been experienced before. We do this to better deliver on our mission to increase certainty and make clients’ operations easier, safer, and cleaner.” Maróy said.

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