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4. June 2023

Birner rolls out 24/7 parts availability with MYFLEXBOX

Birner GmbH, Austria’s market leader for car spare parts and accessories, is now expanding its service portfolio with a new distribution channel that promises maximum convenience and flexibility: MYFLEXBOX Click & Collect combines the online sales channel with Birner’s offline world, thus enabling an even better shopping experience. The first two parcel stations in Innsbruck and Leoben are already active, with more to follow soon in Vienna.

At the Birner branch in Innsbruck at Etrichgasse 13 and at Donawitzerstraße 52 in Leoben, customers can now receive and return their items ordered online, e.g. car accessories, motorcycle or automotive wear parts, around the clock, contactlessly and securely in a MYFLEXBOX parcel station. This cross-channel strategy brings many customer benefits. In this way, the desired products are guaranteed to be in stock, consumers come to the store despite buying online, can ask questions about the product, test the goods on site and, if necessary, exchange or return them directly, without any time-consuming returns process. On request, there is also expert advice on other products or services, which, in contrast to anonymous door-to-door deliveries, strengthens customer loyalty. In addition, opening hours and queues are eliminated, and users particularly appreciate the time saved as a result.

Christian Lehner, Head of Internal Sales at Birner GmbH, says: “It is important to us to give the customer more flexibility again in the stressful and strictly timed everyday life. With the MYFLEXBOX directly at our store, customers can pick up goods and, if necessary, return them, regardless of opening hours. This gives the customer the opportunity to freely arrange the collection of the goods according to his plans”.

Florian Hanglberger, Head of E-Commerce and Logistics at MYFLEXBOX, adds: “We are pleased to be able to link the diverse services of the smart lockers with Birner’s retail activities, whether stationary or online, in a simple and at the same time innovative way. This benefits everyone, in addition to the customers, especially the environment, which is relieved by saved distances.”

“Shipping” is free of charge and faster with Click & Collect. Unlike home delivery, collection is free of charge, and buyers usually get their hands on the goods much faster thanks to the direct filling by the retailer.

Birner also benefits

The simple storage in the Smart Locker has many other advantages in addition to the image gain through sustainable 24/7 additional services: Orders no longer have to be packed, labeled and driven somewhere. Personnel costs and long distances are saved. In addition, satisfied customers bring frequency, and the purchase of additional goods increases sales. Speaking of goods, the range offered can be expanded to include any number of products, even those that are normally not in stock. This increases the attractiveness of the branch. And last but not least: Because the MYFLEXBOX is also open to parcel services, the office can look forward to one or two unexpected walk-in customers in the form of parcel pick-ups.

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