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18. July 2023

Jungheinrich has a new plant in Chomutov

Jungheinrich has started production at its new plant in Chomutov, Czech Republic. After an approximately ten-month exhibition, the first ETV 216i forklift truck with an extendable lifting device rolled off the production line on June 6. The new plant, which covers an area of approximately 37,000 square meters, will create more than 350 new jobs locally. The project budget is approximately 60 million euros.

For Jungheinrich, the new production facility is a central element in increasing the company’s efficiency and profitability and achieving the growth goals of the Strategy 2025+.

Sabine Neuß, Member of the Management Board for Technology at Jungheinrich AG, said: “With the new plant, we are expanding capacity within our European production network and ensuring that we can also meet the ever-increasing demand for our handling equipment in the future. In Chomutov, we have built one of the most modern production plants for forklifts in the world. I’m very proud of it and I’m glad that production is already working there.”

The new plant is currently still working in single-shift operation; in the medium term, the plan is to switch to three-shift operation, which ensures continuous production. The Jungheinrich company plans to make the plant in Chomutov gradually move the production of forklift trucks with a retractable lifting device. The move will free up capacity at the plant in Norderstedt, which the company will use for its further development. At the plant in Norderstedt, the company Jungheinrich will expand its production portfolio with parts of other types of trucks.

The Jungheinrich company has set itself the goal of creating value in a sustainable way and therefore paid special attention and sustainability to the design of the new plant. All plant facilities, from workplaces to complex production facilities, are equipped with modern technologies, such as a new production management system. In addition to the use of ecologically produced electricity and the installation of a heat pump, special thermal insulation in the office section ensures further savings. Jungheinrich reduces water consumption with rainwater harvesting equipment. In addition, the plant is located on 1.5 hectares of green space with native shrubs and trees, thereby helping to support local biodiversity.

The first ETV 216i forklift truck produced here, with an extendable lifting device and a fixed built-in lithium-ion battery, will be delivered to the French company “MARIE”, one of the most important companies in the French hot food and pasta market. The ETV 216i truck is part of Jungheinrich’s POWERLiNE system and contains an integrated lithium-ion battery. It is currently the most compact and powerful forklift in its class.

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